FEBRUARY 15, 2020



If you are a qualified and registered voter of the State who wants to vote by mail in the Annual Election for Commissioners for the Board of Fire Commissioners of Fire District No. 1, Township of Riverside, and for approval or disapproval of the 2020 budget for said District and determine such other matters as may be required such as, but not limited to, the position(s) of Fire Commissioner(s) and approval or disapproval of capital projects(s) and funding and approval or disapproval of cancellation of capital projects, to be held on February 15, 2020, complete the application form below and send or deliver to the undersigned, or write or apply in person to the undersigned at once requesting that a mail-in ballot be forwarded to you. The request must state your home address and the address to which the ballot should be sent. The request must be dated and signed with your signature.

If any person has assisted you to complete the mail-in ballot application, the name, address and signature of the assistor must be provided on the application and you must sign and date the application for it to be valid and processed. No person shall serve as an authorized messenger for more than 3 qualified voters in an election. No person who is a candidate in the election for which the voter requests a mail-in ballot may provide any assistance in the completion of the ballot or may serve as an authorized messenger or bearer.

No mail-in ballot will be provided to any applicant who submits a request therefor by mail unless the request is received at least seven days before the election and contains the requested information. A voter may, however, request an application in person from the County Clerk up to 3:00 p.m. of the day before the election.

Voters who want to vote only by mail in all future elections in which they are eligible to vote, and who state that on their application, shall, after their initial request and without further action on their part, be provided a mail-in ballot by the County Clerk until the voter requests, in writing, that the voter no longer be sent such a ballot.

Voters also have the option of indicating on their mail-in ballot applications that they would prefer to receive mail-in ballots for this Fire Election only. Voters who exercise this option will be furnished with mail-in ballots for this Fire Election only and not future Fire Elections.

Application forms may be obtained by applying to the undersigned either in writing or by telephone, or the application form provided below may be completed and forwarded to the undersigned. You can also download the application form at on the internet.

Dated: December 10, 2019

Honorable Timothy D. Tyler, Burlington County Clerk, 49 Rancocas Road / P.O. Box 6000, Mount Holly, New Jersey 08060, (609) 265-5122; Email: [email protected]     Email: [email protected]

Please click here for the Application for Vote By Mail Ballot.

Please click here to view the approved 2020 Fire District Budget