About Us

Riverside Fire Company was organized in 1892 in the town of Riverside. Our fire company currently  serves approximately 8,500 people in a 1.8 square mile ratio. We currently have 2 engines, 1 ladder, 3 support vehicles, and one command vehicle. We have 36 active members and about 60 exempt members.

Headquarters                                                                 Mailing Address
4 W. Scott Street                                                               PO Box 1
Riverside, NJ 08075                                                          Riverside, NJ 08075
P: 856-461-6251   F: 856-461-9562

Chief – Donald Nesbitt
President – Lonnie Winkelspecht, Jr.

Financial Support
Riverside Fire District No. 1
PO Box 458
Riverside, NJ 08075